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Why Hats Should Be Mandatory for Your Kids in Cold Temperatures

When bitterly cold temperatures hit, you have to be careful to avoid staying out in the frigid air for too long. A cold weather emergency can happen relatively quickly, especially with children. Your child should never leave the house without a hat in this kind of weather. Children, especially younger children, can lose a third of their body heat through their heads when they’re outside, so make sure they are properly dressed. Extreme cold can cause two potentially serious conditions: hypothermia and frostbite. Hypothermia is when the core body temperature falls below 95 degrees and is potentially dangerous. Extremely cold temperatures can increase the risk of…

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How to Prevent Back Pain in the Workplace

Office jobs certainly include some of the most hazard-free professions around, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can injure yourself at work. Back pain is an extremely common ailment affecting workers. In 2016, musculoskeletal pain – including back and neck pain – accounted for 22pc of the 137m sick days taken in the UK. Nilofer Merchant famously proclaimed in a 2013 TED talk that sitting is the new smoking and, since then, more research has been released indicating that sitting can have a deleterious effect on your health in general. Sitting puts more pressure on your spine than standing. While sitting, your lower back is…

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How to Make Your Health a Priority This Winter

It’s winter, the days are shorter and the cold and precipitation may keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. No one could blame you for feeling like you’ll be kissing your wellness and fitness goals goodbye. Should you give up? What can you do to sneak in a little exercise and make healthy choices? Below are some ways you can incorporate calorie-burning activities and healthy decisions into your day, especially if you find yourself sitting at a desk for most of it. Walk, don’t ride. At work, park in the farthest spot and walk the extra steps to your office. It’s good…

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Natural Wellness Solutions in the Workplace

Whatever you’re in the middle of, stop for a moment and run through this quick checklist of questions about your perceived state of health: Do you experience tightness or pain in your neck while on the job? Do your eyes feel dry or tired from staring at a computer/phone screen? Do you need caffeine to get through the work day? Do you experience lower back pain from prolonged sitting? Do you feel a periodic break for fresh air is beneficial? If you answered yes to most of these questions, incorporating some natural wellness routines may benefit you in your workplace. WHAT IS WORKPLACE WELLNESS? Simply put, it…

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8 Reasons Why You’re Still Hungry After Eating

Do you ever feel hungry soon after finishing a full meal? Why does this happen? Hunger is your body’s way of telling your brain that you need more food. It actually results from a variety of complex interactions between your digestive tract, hormones and nervous system. Unfortunately, many things can disrupt this complex system. See if any of the following issues might be throwing your hunger signals off track. 1. YOUR BREAKFAST WAS TOO SMALL A University of Cambridge study followed 6,764 adults for almost 4 years and found that those who normally ate 300 calories or less for breakfast gained twice as…

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3 Exercises to Ease Lower-Back Pain

Lower back pain can be debilitating. And although it may be tempting to lie petrified and paralyzed in bed, waiting for the pain to pass, keeping your muscles active can be the best method for bringing you back to life. To minimize muscle-related pain in your lower back, consider exercises that stretch and strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the hips, core and spine. If there is weakness in one of these areas, the related muscles and joints compensate, resulting in imbalances and injuries. Before practicing the following exercises, consult your physician to ensure these moves are safe for your specific medical condition….

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This is Why Resting Heart Rate is an Important Indication of Health

The number of heartbeats per lifetime is remarkably similar whether you’re a hamster all the way up to a whale. So, mice, who typically live less than two years, have a heart rate of about 500 to 600 beats a minute—up to 10 beats a second. In contrast, the heart of a Galapagos tortoise beats 100 times slower, but they live about 100 times longer. There’s such a remarkable consistency in the number of heartbeats animals get in their lifetimes that a provocative question was asked: “Can human life be extended by cardiac slowing?” In other words, if humans are predetermined to…

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7 Reasons You’re Experiencing Back Pain

For the most part, my late twenties have been way more fun than my early twenties. But one thing about getting older that I have thoroughly not enjoyed has been the pain I now feel in my back constantly. Back pain gets more common as you get older, and often, our work, posture, and exercise habits (or lack thereof) don’t help much. “In my experience, back pain isn’t the result of one thing in particular but rather a number of different injuries and stresses that accumulate until the body can no longer adapt,” chiropractor Dr Niccie Dearing RN, DC tells Bustle. “Pain isn’t a warning…

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The Real Reason Your Hands Are Always Cold

If, in general, you feel like your hands are somehow always inside their own personal ice buckets, you’re not alone. It turns out that having perpetually cold hands is a pretty common complaint. And, luckily, it’s probably not something you need to worry too much about. But it is annoying. Essentially, your hands are kept warm thanks to your body’s circulatory system. Warm blood is sent all the way from your heart down to your fingers, and more blood means more warmth. But if…

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Ears Ringing From a Loud Concert? Why That’s Not a Good Sign

When you come out of a loud concert or sporting event with ringing ears, you likely wait for the sensation to fade and then forget about it. Maybe your ears get a workout from all the racket, but they seem to recover, right? The truth is, that feeling in your ears is telling you something: You already have damaged your hearing. No matter how old you are, you need to protect your ears around loud noises to avoid premature hearing loss. Hearing loss: Understanding the stakes Ringing or dullness in your ears after exposure to loud sounds are signs you have overworked your…