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6 Foods That Help Alleviate Sugar Cravings

Most of us have witnessed the addictive properties of sugar: one innocent piece of cake at a birthday party, and next thing you know, you’re hoarding Swedish Fish in your desk drawer with red-stained fingers. Unfortunately, all the sugar we’re eating is really not healthy. Since sugar is so addictive, many people have a hard time nixing it from their diets. Plus, it’s everywhere, especially in processed foods. So what can you do? For one, feed your body a balanced diet and provide it with healthy options to alleviate your body’s cravings. Here are 6 foods to make you forget all about sugar: COCONUT OIL/COCONUT MILK. The coconut…

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9 Ways to Hit Your Step Goal Every Day

We’ve all been there—marching in place in our bedrooms at 11pm, trying to hit 10,000 steps on our Fitbits by midnight (what, just me?). While that 10,000 step goal isn’t right for everyone, it’s an ideal one for a lot of us—walking has been shown to have major benefits for physical and mental health alike—like improved creativity, lower stress, increased energy, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and improved memory and cognition. For many, it’s also a pretty daunting goal. Researchers have found that Americans only take an average of 5,117 steps a day, just over half of the 10,000 steps generally recommended…

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How Gamers Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

Video gaming is good for a lot of things. There’s science that shows it can improve reflexes, critical thinking, and other super useful stuff. But for the most part it isn’t a real driver for physical fitness. Outliers like Wii Fit and Just Dance excepted, the vast majority of gaming is spent in a fairly motionless position on couch or chair. That’s… not great for your body. From early reports of “joystick thumb” to modern-day eSports athletes getting their aching wrists repaired, gaming at the hardcore level can take its toll. One of the biggest and most important areas for…

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Back Pain And Pregnancy: Two Tender Subjects, Five Key Ideas

‘Tender to the touch’ describes most back pain; ‘tender to the heart’ might describe your pregnancy. Combine the two conditions, and realize why most women are dismayed to find back or sciatica pain as part of pregnancy. Here are five key points to consider if you or yours are facing back pain or sciatica during pregnancy. Be assured, most pregnancy-related back pain can be managed with instruction in conservative, specialized exercise and body mechanics. 1. Weight gain is not a statistically significant factor for back pain…

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The #1 Reason You’re Not Productive

In today’s fast-paced world, productivity is crucial to performance. We rely on high levels of productivity to be relevant in our communities and to achieve at top levels in our careers. But there’s one thing that’s ruining your productivity level: context switching. Todd Herman, a peak performance coach, explains that context switching leads to a 15-20 percent time loss when you change tasks or contexts. Todd’s “context switching” is also known as task switching or multitasking. Multitasking is actually a misnomer. You can’t do more than one task at a time. In reality, you’re switching between tasks at a perceived high-speed….

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Being Active May Reduce Risk of Chronic Low Back Pain

Regularly engaging in physical activity, from walking to intense exercise, may help to reduce the risk of chronic low back pain by as much as 16 percent, according to a new review of previous studies. In the past, it hasn’t been clear whether physical activity staves off low back pain, or people without back pain are more likely to be active, the researchers write in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. To help determine which comes first, the review team analyzed data from 36 studies that followed nearly 160,000 people over time who didn’t have back pain at…

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How Smoking Affects Bone Health – Another Reason to Quit Smoking

Although it’s been long known, the fact that smoking causes problems in our bones doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention. Could your sore lower back be caused by smoking? As if you thought you might need yet another reason to quit smoking, here you go. Bone density in smokers has been found at 5 to 10 percent less in smokers than in non smokers. Spinal problems are particularly difficult problems for people and typically can start as early as age 36. Degenerative disc issues cause pain in the lower back and statistics for this disease are higher in smokers. Sufferers experience pain…

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6 Best Exercises For People With Chronic Pain

Most people quit exercise when they’re in pain. That’s a huge mistake. Exercising can reduce pain and improve your life. Now, you don’t have to do squats or run every day to stay in shape. There are simple yet effective exercises you can do without hurting yourself. Just remember to consult with a doctor before you start doing these exercises. Swimming Swimming is a low impact exercise which doesn’t put pressure on your joints. It will strengthen your muscles and help you stay flexible. Yes! Swimming helps loosen your muscles. But you may want to avoid butterfly and breaststroke if you have neck or…

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This Popular Practice Actually Alters Your DNA to Make You Less Stressed

If you’ve never fully appreciated the power of yoga, that’s about to change. Yoga isn’t just about whittling your waistline and achieving the backside of a marble goddess. Nor is it about really expensive leggings and designer mats. Yoga, at its humble core, is an incredible mind-body wellness practice that is potentially as powerful of an influencer on your health as a balanced diet and fitness. In fact, yoga actually works at a genetic level to make you younger, happier, healthier and profoundly less stressed. Recent research has concluded that mind body interventions like yoga, meditation, breath regulation and tai chi actually alter and reverse the…

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Should Your Child With Scoliosis Skip Sports? 4 Myths Busted

If your child has scoliosis, it’s normal to worry about which activities are safe and what’s off limits. Many sports may seem too risky. Scoliosis causes the spine to curve abnormally. While it’s one of the most common spinal conditions, myths persist about who is at risk and which sports are safe to play if you have it. In general, it’s important for people with scoliosis to stay physically active, and they can reap big health benefits by being active without any increased risk. In fact, good core strengthening and stretching may decrease the risk of curve progression. Before you start crossing sports off your child’s play list, you’ll…