9 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Mom

Two women and teenage girl holding gifts in boxes

Moms are awesome, and one day a year we get to show them. Here are 9 great gift ideas for the mother or mother figure in your life:


If you’re short on cash, a homemade dinner is something your awesome mom is sure to love. Whip up her favorite foods in the kitchen and treat her to a relaxing and luxurious meal at home. Even if you aren’t a gourmet cook, it is sure to be appreciated.


We all need a massage, but moms need them more than anyone. Why? Because your mom is a powerhouse. She deserves some deep relaxation and pampering for sure. If she is not into massages, perhaps a yoga class pass or some badass boxing lessons? We all have our own ways to relax. Your mom is unique, so give her something that is undeniably her.


If your mom loves tea, why not send her a little personalized gift? Tenota will print messages on tea bag labels and ship them to your mom so that she can feel your love every tip she steeps. With 12 flavors, there is sure to be one that your mom will enjoy.


There are plenty of stones and crystals with energizing and healing properties. Look for a bracelet, earrings or a necklace that holds a stone that might be particularly powerful to your mom. I am personally a fan of amber, but shop around and find something that screams, “mom would love this!” I find Etsy a great place to start my searches.


Moms are busy. Raising kids takes a lot of work, in addition to everything else they’re kicking butt at. If you can’t afford to send your mom to the spa, bring the spa to her. Make a little spa basket filled with good bath salts, essential oils, some handmade body butter and maybe even a bottle of wine. Essential oils like rose oil are powerfully balancing and can help with depression, skin health, hormonal balance and libido. If rose oil is a little out of your wallet’s depth, try some cheaper, high-quality blends that she would enjoy.


Not every mom loves the spa pampering experience. If your mom is a little more lighthearted, joke gifts are a fun way to show them you care. For instance, I get my mom a small (and sometimes not so small) buddha figurine every Mother’s Day to remind her to relax and live in the now. It’s an inside joke that has become a loving tradition.


San Francisco-based jewelry designer Julia Szendrei crafts beautiful necklaces that use birthstones to spell out messages in morse code. You can choose from a bunch of options, like “queen”, “love”, “mother” and “xoxo.” What’s cooler than a secret message of appreciation and love between you and your mom? Plus, they’re beautiful.


If your mom loves houseplants, why not get her an awesome geometric air plant kit? This kit comes with  copper wire, copper tubes and all the directions you need to construct an instagram-friendly house for your favorite succulent. Or, get her all the makings for an incredible kitchen herb garden. This is great idea for a crafty mom who likes to get dirty.


You don’t need to spend money to show your mom you love her. Really, you had the right idea when you were five. Make her a handmade card. Squeeze her some fresh orange juice. Hang out with her all day and show her how much she is loved and appreciated.

SOURCE: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/9-meaningful-mothers-day-gifts-for-every-mom.html