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Sciatica Prevention and Relief

Q: What is the role of chiropractic care in managing sciatica and its potential recurrence? Dr. Lauretti: There’s clear evidence that the manual treatments chiropractors provide do help patients gain and maintain more motion and flexibility in their spines—we call it less stiffness. You don’t want your spine to be stiff. The theory is that stiffness can get worse with time and spread throughout the spine. Stiffness leads to numerous spinal problems: It throws off the balance of the spine, can lead to herniated discs, and can eventually cause sciatica. Sciatica isn’t just related to disc injury—it can also be caused by tight muscles (nerves…

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Why are back pain and spinal injuries plaguing golf?

SOURCE: http://www.golf.com/tour-news/2018/03/15/why-are-back-pain-and-spinal-injuries-plaguing-game-golf In golf, success is promised no one. But for Philip Francis, it once seemed guaranteed. Born in Las Vegas and raised in Scottsdale, Francis started swinging golf clubs as soon as he could toddle, and he captured his first tournament when he was four, trouncing opponents twice his age. Jim Flick, who taught Jack Nicklaus, was so impressed with Francis that he offered himself up as his instructor. Others who watched him play in his precocious prime still speak of Francis in awestruck terms. “He was unreal, totally insane,” says two-time Tour winner Jamie Lovemark, who came up through the…

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How Do Your Bones Change Over Time?

You rely on bones and joints to support your body and help you navigate the world. How do your bones grow, and what happens to them over time? Rheumatologist Chad Deal, MD, Head of the Center for Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Disease, explains. What bones are made of Bone is densely packed with flexible fibers (termed collagen), hardened by calcium and phosphorus. They are built to withstand great stress from activities like walking, running and jumping. How bones change as you grow Bone is a living tissue that constantly renews itself. “Your skeleton is completely new every 10 years,” says Dr. Deal. In childhood and adolescence, bone buildup…

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Gardening Without Back Pain

Q: Since spring is almost here, I’m wondering if you can provide some tips on how I can prevent my back from hurting when I get my garden and flower beds ready for planting. A: Good body mechanics is the key to being able to garden without creating back pain. Here are several tips that will help you: 1. Make time to prepare and protect your spine, muscles and joints by learning how to check and correct your posture. Many back issues are due to poor postural habits, resulting in a loss of flexibility and decreased…

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What First-Aid Items You Need to Pack When You Travel

While you can’t always prepare for unexpected illnesses that occur while you’re traveling, you can prepare for many of the common ones that may make a trip less enjoyable — or productive. There’s no time for a sick day when you’re traveling on business. And when you’re on vacation, you don’t want to let anything stand in the way of that special time. What to do ahead of time It’s important to check with your primary care doctor or a local travel clinic before you go on vacation. You might need a few vaccines that you weren’t aware of, for example. And, of course,…

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11 Signs Your Upper Back Pain Is Serious Trouble

It may be your desk job Slouch much? “Upper back pain is most commonly from poor posture,” says Irene Tien, MD, emergency medicine physician with the Rowe Telemedicine Network. Sitting and staring at a computer “shortens chest muscles and pulls on the muscles in the upper back. A lot of people get a muscle spasm between the shoulder blades as a result,” she explains. Here’s how to help your body recover from sitting all day long. It could also be stress Along with sub-par posture, strain in the muscles around the neck and shoulders or between the shoulder blades can be multi-factorial, says…

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Best and Worst Shoes For Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you should be considering the types of shoes you’re putting on your feet. Some of the most common and popular shoe styles are actually terrible for back pain and will only make it worse. They cause you to change how you walk, run, and stand for the duration of your time wearing them. This causes muscle imbalances that can cause mystery back pain or make existing back pain worse. With time, wearing the incorrect shoes will only make the painful problem worse. With each step you take, you could be doing horrible things…

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Heart Health: Americans Aren’t Ready for Emergencies

Many Americans are surprisingly ill-informed about heart health, a Cleveland Clinic survey shows. We confuse the symptoms of heart attack and stroke. We haven’t learned key survival tactics like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Discover survey highlights in the video above. SOURCE: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/heart-health-americans-arent-ready-for-emergencies/

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5 Mattress Buying Tips to Reduce Back Pain and Improve Sleep

A quality mattress is among the most important pieces of furniture in your home (if not the most important), but buying a mattress can be tough. Pushy salespeople, confusion over the different types, the financial investment—it all adds up to an overwhelming shopping experience. But, the fact remains: A good mattress is good for your spine. To make the purchasing process less daunting, this guide will provide some mattress basics to help you become a more informed consumer. Types of Mattresses Here’s a snapshot of the most common types of mattresses that may help…

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A Nutritionist’s Best Tips for Jumpstarting Your Immune System

It’s the winter blahs. You’re tired, rundown and longing for spring. But will you be ready when it arrives? You can be, if you start now. Nutritionist and wellness coach Angela Martindale has a few tips to help you shake off winter, fire up your metabolism and reboot your immune system. It’s National Nutrition Month, and as Martindale puts it, “the perfect time to start prepping the 60 trillion cells in your body for a new season.” She offers these 5 nutrition tips to help you jumpstart your spring. 1. CHIA SEEDS “Chia seeds pack a powerful immune-boosting punch, all while being one of the…