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12 Natural Remedies that Boost Hair Growth

Hair loss affects both men and women. While genetics plays a role, there are other factors, including: hormonal imbalances, an underactive thyroid gland, nutrient deficiencies and insufficient scalp circulation. Here are 12 natural remedies that can help boost hair growth: Cut back on meat: Hormonal imbalances are a primary culprit in hair loss. Japanese researchers also link excessive sebum production in the scalp to high levels of 5-alpha reductase. Their research indicated that animal fat intake may increase sebum production. Add the herb saw palmetto: A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reported that saw palmetto (serenoa repens)…

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Adventurous People Might Be Healthier Than The Rest Of Us

Scientists may have evidence that our personality plays into our eating habits. People who are open and extroverted eat more fruits and vegetables than others, according to new research. The new report, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, analyzed the eating habits of more than 1,000 young adults ages 17 to 25. Researchers gave participants a test to measure for the “Big Five” personality traits: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Then they assigned some participants to keep a food diary for 21 days and others for 13 days, in…

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Healthy Or Hype? 5 Food Label Claims That May Seduce You To Over-eat

Have you ever purchased one food item over another because the nutrient claim on the package gave you the impression that it was the healthier choice? You may have been misled. Many terms on food labels can confuse even the most educated consumers into thinking that a packaged food product is healthy when in fact, it is anything but healthy. As I previously wrote, while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be giving food labels an overhaul after 30 years (with updated serving sizes, disclosure…

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10 Things Confident People Don’t Do

In “The Empire Strikes Back,” when Yoda is training Luke to be a Jedi, he demonstrates the power of the Force by raising an X-wing fighter from a swamp. Luke mutters, “I don’t believe it.” Yoda replies, “That is why you fail.” As usual, Yoda was right—and science backs him up. Numerous studies have proved that confidence is the real key to success. Studies exploring the performance gap between men and women in math and spatial skills have found that confidence plays a huge role. Women…

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Treadmill or Elliptical? How to Decide What’s Your Best Workout

While treadmills and ellipticals offer many of the same exercise benefits, your goals and physical condition should guide you. Here are several considerations that will help you decide which machine is best for you. The benefits Both devices help you improve cardiovascular health, build endurance and lose weight. They also provide an indoor workout option when the weather prevents you from getting outdoors. Both are readily available in gyms, recreation centers and hotels, and some models are affordable enough for home use. The treadmill is better for building bone density. The impact of your feet while running or…

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Why We Look Like Our Names, According To Psychology

If you automatically know someone you’re just meeting is named Katie, there’s a good reason for that. This common phenomenon draws attention to the fact that most people’s look tends to “fit” with their names ― and when it doesn’t, we take notice. Making assumptions about others based solely on their names is a near universal practice, and it can have a real effect. Over time, these cultural stereotypes create real associations between a person’s name and their facial appearance, according to new research from the American Psychological Association.

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8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.

Life is busy. It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams. If you have a full-time job and kids, it’s even harder. How do you move forward? If you don’t purposefully carve time out every day to progress and improve — without question, your time will get lost in the vacuum of our increasingly crowded lives. Before you know it, you’ll be old and withered — wondering where all that time went. As Professor Harold Hill has said — “You pile up enough tomorrows, and…

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5 Reasons to Walk Barefoot This Spring

After a long, cold winter, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as kicking off your shoes in the spring and feeling the grass beneath your feet. Walking barefoot through the grass, in fact, has health benefits that extend far beyond the pleasurable sensation it offers to your sense of touch. Many of these benefits have scientific evidence to back up their claims, suggesting that almost anyone can improve their health just by walking, running or standing barefoot in the grass. Best of all, it’s such a simple thing to do, you have no excuse not to try it this spring! 1. Improve your sleep. “Earthing” is the practice of…

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Watercress, Where Have You Been All Of Our Lives?

What do you think about watercress? If you are like many people, probably not much, and that’s too bad. Watercress is a powerhouse of nutrients and is actually the number one produce pick for nutrient density by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A food’s nutrient density is determined by measuring the item’s vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient content in relation to its caloric content. In fact, greens dominate the top of the nutrient-density list from the CDC, with watercress followed by Chinese cabbage, chard, beet greens, spinach, chicory, leaf lettuce, parsley, romaine lettuce, and collard greens. Yet how many of…

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5 Ways to Better Absorb Vitamins and Minerals

The amount of vitamins and minerals you absorb from the foods you eat can range from 10 percent to 90 percent! Why is the range so large? Several factors have an impact on the percentage of nutrients you actually get from your food, including (but not limited to): how the food is prepared, any drugs or supplements you may be taking, your age, health status, time of day, and other foods you are eating at the same time. To make it even more confusing, the amount of vitamins and minerals in any given food can vary greatly, depending on the…