5 Spring Greens You’re Probably Not Eating, But Should Be

Turn over a new leaf! Toss in these special lettuces for a health and flavor upgrade. Green tango It tastes mild, with a slight tang similar to endive’s—without the bitterness. The frilly edges of green tango provide nice texture in salads. It’s also good on sandwiches and as decoration. Nutrition perks: Full of vitamins A and C and an excellent source of iron. Baby romaine These little leaves taste just like grown-up romaine, but even sweeter and more tender. They’re great in salads, wraps, and pita sandwiches. Nutrition perks: Packed with vitamins A and K, plus folate and iron. Mache Mache is delicate, fairly sweet and mild, with a…

Group of teenagers sitting outdoors using their mobile phones

Half Of Teens Say They Feel Addicted To Their Devices

Research is still emerging about whether technology addiction fits the classic definition of an addiction disorder, but many people certainlyfeel addicted, according to a new survey. Half of all teens reported feeling addicted to their mobile devices, and 28 percent said their parents are addicted too, according to a nationally representative survey of 1,200 parents and children conducted by the non-profit media advocacy organization Common Sense Media. From the parents’ perspective, 59 percent of them feel that their teens are addicted to their mobile devices, and 27 percent feel that they themselves are addicted, too. This perceived unhealthy relationship with devices is…

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Science Says You Can Really Only Have 5 Close Friends At A Time

According to new research, we may really play favorites when it comes to our BFFs — at least unknowingly. Apparently, our capacity for simultaneous close friendships peaks at approximately five people. A recent analysis of cell phone records may corroborate a long-standing anthropology theory that our brains may limit the number of people who can play a meaningful role in our lives, as reported by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Technology Review. In the ‘90s, British anthropologist and researcher Robin Dunbar observed acorrelation between brain size and social relationships. The research suggested that the bigger an animal’s brain, the larger that animal’s social group. Dunbar developed…

Group of Diverse Multiethnic People Teamwork

How Empathy Can Change Your Life, According To Science

It’s time to show off your compassionate side. Practicing empathy can do a world of good. It allows you see someone else’s perspective — and that could do wonders for your relationships, your stress and more. Happify, a website and app dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based activities and games, created an infographic that details all the ways empathy can transform a person’s life. Take a look at it below. Perhaps it’s time to start seeing the world through someone else’s eyes? SOURCE:


7 Expert-Backed Tips For How To Make A New Habit Permanent

If you’ve ever set out to transform your fitness habits, you probably know that achieving consistency can be a terribly difficult feat — it’s always easy to find an excuse to stay in bed or retreat to the couch with a glass of wine. But if humans are creatures of habit, why is it so hard to make the healthy habits stick? For advice, we looked to masters of habit-forming who’ve made self-improvement their life’s work. Below are seven expert-backed tips that will turn any new practice into a permanent part of your life: 1. Create a personalized plan. Design a fool-proof plan ahead of time instead…


7 Worst Snacks Your Dietitian Would Never Eat

Grrrrowwwl. What do you when your stomach starts complaining midway through the afternoon or just before bed? Before you visit the vending machine or scour your fridge, you may want to scan the list below. We asked our dietitians to name the seven worst snacks for tiding you over between meals. Here’s how they voted: 1. Any baked chips “They’re highly processed and often so low in fat that you can consume large quantities without ever feeling full! This can increase blood sugar and cause an insulin surge, promoting fat storage,” says Kylene Bogden, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD. 2. Rice cakes “You think you can eat a lot amount of them…

Mature Couple Planting Out Plants In Garden

What to Plant, Weed and Prune in May

If you’re a gardener in the Northern Hemisphere, the month of May is an excellent time to refresh your garden after its winter sleep. Don’t know where to start? Try some of these simple steps to prepare your garden for a smooth growing season ahead. Planting Whether you’ve been stockpiling packages of seeds or have trays of young seedlings waiting around, May is the perfect month for getting the majority of your plants in the ground. 1. Vegetables and Annuals At the beginning of May, start hardening off any seedlings and potted plants you’ve kept in the house. Put them outside during the…

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7 Best and Worst Drinks to Keep Kids Hydrated

Kids are busy. Their minds and bodies are hard at work and play — and sometimes, they don’t want to stop to get a drink. It often becomes our job as parents to make sure they drink enough fluids. It’s especially important in warmer months when kids may not notice how much they are sweating or understand the need for hydration. They may be drawn to the nearest vending machine for a sugar-laden beverage. Clearly, this isn’t the best choice. On average, a 12-oz serving of soda contains 36 grams (or about four teaspoons) of sugar and about 160 calories. “What you give your child will significantly…

Make it a lifestyle, not a duty - fitness and healthy life concept  -  slate blackboard sign against weathered red painted barn wood with a dumbbell, apple and tape measure

7 Research-Backed Ways To Find Your Fitness Motivation

We should be all doing at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, but research shows that less than half of all American adults actually meet these minimum goals. Clearly, exercise is a struggle. People who don’t exercise feel they don’t have enough time or are too tired to fit it in, according to a survey of middle-aged Americans. Participants also cited expensive gym memberships and not having a friend to go with them as reasons they didn’t get enough physical activity. But even if you do have the financial resources to pay for a gym membership, research shows that…